The Luck of Finding a Job

Graduate jobs: Top 10 degree subjects by lifetime salary - TelegraphThese days, having a job for some of us can feel like a blessing. It has become more and more difficult to find high quality jobs that are paying well. A lot of jobs require that you have a bachelor’s degree and even if they don’t, your resume will look much more appealing than those that lack a higher education. Even with a degree, you’re not guaranteed to find graduate jobs right out the gate from college. Job growth is certainly on the rise and while I feel that it is always important to continue your education, you have to consider whether you are prepared to go into the debt you will lave with when you graduated. If you can afford it out of pocket, I find this to be more attractive but with the possibility of having your interest rates double should you have student loans.

Good Job Opportunities for Student Jobs

I am currently a college student and I am currently a little bit low on cash at this point in time. I am hoping to find a job that will help me be able to make enough extra money in order to live comfortably and have some money to spend while hanging out wit hmy friends. I hope that it will not take too much of my free time up in order to get a job while I am in school. Regardless, right now I am looking for graduate jobs and I am looking for great job opportunities that are specifically geared towards people who are current students in college. I am not sure how many jobs like that exist, but I am sure that there are several of them out there.

I am going to start looking for jobs in the near future, probably later on tonight, but there are some other things that I should probably take care of first. One thing that I will need to do before I start applying for jobs, but not necessarily before I start looking for jobs, is to update my resume in order to include new information. I should probably go ahead and do that right now in order to get it out of the way. After that is done, I will be able to start putting in applications. However, I am thinking that I might ask a bunch of my friends to see if they know anything about student job opportunities that are available around campus. I am hoping that I will be able to find something that is both lucrative and fairly easy to do. I am not looking to do like hard manual labour in my spare time or anything like that, because that would tire me out too much.

Getting your Groove on with Presonus Audiobox

Presonus Audiobox 44VSLBeing a self-confessed hipster, music comes like blood to my veins. When it comes to getting my groove on, Presonus Audiobox 44VSL gravitates as an excellent mobile recording station. This particular product is purposely built for singers/songwriters or any other individual who is constantly searching for a portable recording system that delivers exceptional quality levels. Presonus Audiobox can be powered by the computer systems USB port, and this implies that audio 44VSL can virtually integrate with any PC or Mac computer system. The USB port can also be used to provide power to the system. In addition, this particular system comes bundled with Studio One Artist Application as part of the Presonus Audio package.

Channel System
Presonus 44VSL features a two-way channel system that ensures simultaneous recording hence making the gadget ideal for both singers/songwriters. These very two way channels also come built with phantom power, and this implies that it is possible to use condenser microphones without necessary experiencing technical difficulties. The Presonus system is bundled with support for 24-bit converters that sample at up to 48 KHz. The systems TRS output also enables the user to connect directly with computer monitors, which also makes it possible for the artist to mix, edit, and listen back to his/her recordings.

Presonus ADAT-optical I/O delivers an amazing extra 8 channels of input at either 44.1 or 48 kHz, or even 4 channels at 88.1 0r 96 kHz), and the coaxial-digital I/O delivers in an additional 2 channels, that brings the total channel number to 18.

There is also MIDI in/out ports that ensure system users operate control surfaces and keyboards without necessarily requiring separate MIDI interface.

Studio One Artist recording application
Presonus Audiobox comes bundled with a free Presonus Studio One Artist application. This is regarded as amongst the most most authoritative recording application in the market today that comes with an intuitive user interface. With the studio one application, it is possible to record unlimited tracks. Studio one also comes with features that enable direct mixing and production, not mentioning the extensive library effects that include amp simulators, modulation effects, reverbs, and 20 dynamic processors among others.

When the PreSonus system is synchronized with a computer system courtesy of its flagship Virtual StudioLive application, the AudioBox interface will deliver reverbaration and delay effects with inaudible latency.

Studio one artist also comes bundled with versions of Guitar LE amp-effects modelling software, there are also an estimated 1400 drum loops, and the EZDrummer Llite that can be utilized for generating realistic drum tracks.

Presonus 44VLS also comes with 24-bit resolutions capability not mentioning the 44.1 and 48kHz sampling rate. The system also features capabilities that enable it to seamlessly support the handling of Windows Audio Session API, Direct sound, Core Audio, and ASIO.

Superb processing techniques
PreSonus comes with a compressor, EQ, a high pass filter, an expander, and a separate limiter. The systems Virtual Studio Live application fat channel and effects processing techniques have extensively been field tested and proven to be an excellent product.

This is an excellent product for various corporate installations, school music labs, performing bands, and project studios amongst other contractor applications.

The product is very easy to use because it does not require a hardware-mixer, outboard effects-rack, and it involves very minimal wiring courtesy of superb synchronization between the Presonus hardware and Virtual StudioLive computer application.

What I Think about the Presonus Audiobox
Excellent sound coupled with low latency when fiddling with its application.
Look and
It is lightweight and could be beneficial for mobile musicians
You get more value for your hard-earned bucks. Worth a shot.
Though it can't be as versatile as other products, this one serves its purpose satisfactorily. Never regretted in purchasing this monster.

NBA is now Open for Business

NBA BasketballWhen the NBA lockout first hit the news, everybody knew that eventually the NBA will return to action, but they just didn’t know when that will happen. Now, it has been announced that the NBA will return during the afternoon of next Christmas. Apparently, owners have obtained the cost slashing deals they aspired, and the NBA season will start off slightly abbreviated. By May and June 2012, the NBA playoffs will start, followed by the NBA finals and another team will be crowned NBA champion.

Once again, the NBA is open for business. The players seem to have finally just accepted defeat. If the lockout continued until beyond November, and the players lose another paycheck, they would have lost so much more money than they could save by extending the delay. The last ditch effort of the players is in fact still a huge less, but is much better than when they will lose an entire season.

The next question is this: how will the new collective bargaining agreement, or CBA, affect the NBA? The biggest sticking point is the money split, but there will be other minor issues which we will discover next week such as which team lost or won the deal. Early reports have shown that the Warriors are in the losing end. The new CBA includes tougher luxury taxes, and the Warriors should be able to compete in terms of spending with bigger markets such as Chicago and LA. They should also be smart in cutting checks and be on the lookout for the economic sweet spots of the CBA.